Big Church Day Out 2018

Big Church Day Out 2018

We had the pleasure of playing Big Church Day Out North and South this year in the Kingdom Come tent. It’s such a great time to reconnect with fellow bands and friends in the music industry, catching up on our current projects and planning future events. We went to the event off of the back of releasing the lyric video for our new single, the feedback has been really positive and has really encouraged us in the direction and themes that we are tackling.

Events like Big Church Day Out provide the highest value as a band with the networking opportunities and being able to keep your finger on the pulse of what God is doing in the UK. Being an indie band can feel a little isolating at times and being able to share about each others year, tours, song writing and upcoming projects can make you realise that you are connected to something far bigger than the bubble you often find yourself in.

One of the most important things we took away from our set was that we are way more comfortable with our own material. Playing other bands songs is great, people connect with them, it’s familiar and helps the congregation engage more easily. The problem is you don’t feel just as connected to the songs as a band, than those that you write yourself. You have lived the story, wrestled over the lyrics and the songs become a part of your own life. That connection and familiarity gives you a great amount of freedom and expression, something you miss a little in playing songs written by others. It’s not quite like you’re a cover band, those songs are anointed, relevant and really well crafted, but it can be difficult to make them your own. You can certainly mould the song to better fit your style but you run the risk of removing something special from the song itself, they can be fragile things.

We have a busy summer ahead with touring, writing and recording. It’s been great for us to regroup as a band this year and really focus on what we originally set out to do with The Bright Expression. Crafting songs that tackle real life issues, push our song writing, creating soundscapes and playing our role in supporting the Christian Music industry here in the UK.

Until next time!